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Introduction to Engineering/Electronics

Instructions for Tuesday, March 8.

Finding Guido van Robot


  1. Go to the “Start Menu”
  2. Select Computer
  3. Select the hard drive.  The name of the hard drive will contain “C:”
  4. Show hidden files
  5. Select Program Folder
  6. Show hidden files
  7. Open the “GvR” folder
  8. Right click on the file with an icon titled “GvRng”
  9. Select “Send to: Desktop”

Running Guido van Robot

The GvRng icon should now be on the desktop.  Double click on it to start Guido van Robot.

1  Go to the “Help” menu.

  1. Select “Lessons”
  2. Click on Step 1.

This is the first lesson.  Go through each lesson, read the information and then write the program that it asks you to write.  The program gets written under the “Code” tab, and the world file gets written under the “World” tab.

Code:  These are the instructions for the robot.  Anything you want the robot to do goes here.

World:  This is a description of the world that the robot moves around in.  The starting position of the robot, the starting position of beepers, and the position of walls are entered into the world file.

Make sure after each lesson that you save both the code and world file for that lesson.

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