Wave Properties


Physics is a large vast topic in the science world involving the study of matter, energy, force and motion.  One specific aspect of Physics is the topic of Waves.  This web page was designed to give you a brief (but accurate) description of what Wave Properties are in relation to the Physics world.


Waves are everywhere and there are many types of waves, sound waves, heat waves, micro waves, light waves, radio waves and many more. Each day we are encountered with waves with out realizing it.

The common picture of a wave is typically a wave at the beach, lake, or pool, caused by some disturbance this circular wave is an example caused by diving into a pool, the waves travel outwards in all directions creating a circular shape wave.  Throughout this web page you will learn about many different types of Waves, and also, the properties associated with the waves.



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Key Terms:

Wave Length

Frequency, Period, and Speed of Wave

Transverse/ longitudinal Waves

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